LiveRebel delves deeper into Continuous Delivery world

ZeroTurnaround teams up with Atlassian for Bamboo-LiveRebel plugin

Chris Mayer

Two cutting-edge companies team up for a new plugin, melding together the powers of super deployer LiveRebel and CI tool Bamboo

It’s always good to see companies helping each other out,
combining collective minds to merge together two exciting products.
The latest in the long list of these cross-pollinated efforts comes
in the form of a LiveRebel Bamboo plugin, thanks to the guys from
ZeroTurnaround and Atlassian respectively.

As detailed in a blogpost at ZT
, this plugin is ‘pure
ball lightning (yeah, like Tesla-style)’ – and it sure looks it.
Melding the continuous integration functionality of
Atlassian’s Bamboo with the wonders of LiveRebel’s rethinking of
automated application deployment, you get pure DevOps

Oliver White goes on further to discuss the benefits
of this union:

Bamboo is used to check out source code,
build, package and test new application versions. LiveRebel comes
into play a step later, deploying and updating the running
applications with the just-built version. LiveRebel automates the
application deployment process, and lets users choose between
update methods, including instant hotpatching without breaking user
sessions, something yet to be seen in the

So basically, you can go from deployment to
continuous updates of your Java EE applications in rapid time.
Still somehow not convinced? Check out the video

LiveRebel’s come a long way in a short amount of time since it
arrived this year. Once again Zero Turnaround’s mantra of pushing
the boundaries continues. We’re just praying for more Atlassian
plugin tieups now! Great work by both companies. To learn how to
utilise this wonderful plugin, check out this handy
Getting Started Guide

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