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ZeroTurnaround and Genuitec Release JRebel for MyEclipse

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Orion 0.2 and Scala 2.9.1 RC1 released.

ZeroTurnaround and Genuitec Release JRebel for

ZeroTurnaround, the company behind JRebel and LiveRebel, and
Genuitec, have announced the release of JRebel for MyEclipse. This plugin brings JRebel
functionality to Genuitec’s MyEclipse IDE, and gives users the
ability to enable JRebel integration with MyEclipse and the
application server of their choice, for example Apache Tomcat,
JBoss AS, and GlassFish.

The companies will host a webinar about this new product, on August 4th.


Weld 1.1.2 is Final

Weld 1.1.2 is Final! This version of the Weld
JSR-299 reference implementation uses ThreadLocal cache in proxies
to improve performance, and Definition/DeploymentExceptions thrown
by an AnnotationModel are now wrapped by a ComputationException. It
also fixes a list of bugs, including an AbstractContext
creationLock deadlock, and NPE in ForwardingContextual.toString
during session failover. A full list of the fixes is available at
the Release Notes.

This version will be included in the upcoming JBossAS6.1 and the
latest GlassFish.


Orion Switches to Rapid Release Cycle

Orion’s RC3 build of June 27, 2011, has now been declared as
Orion 0.2 following a successful official
release review. According to the announcement, the Orion project is
now moving to a more rapid release cycle, and away from the annual
Eclipse release pattern.

“While annual releases have worked very well for the Eclipse
ecosystem, they are too slow for a web world where browsers and
major components such as Dojo and JQuery ship new feature releases
every few months,” reads the announcement. This release cycle will
also allow Orion to keep pace with its dependent libraries and

A 0.3 release is planned for the end of October, 2011. Orion 0.2
can be downloaded now.


First Alpha for Seam Mail 3.0.0

The first alpha of Seam Mail 3.0.0 has been
released, with support for multiple “to” and “from” addresses, and
the ability to save Rendered Message. Seam
is a CDI-based API that integrates with templating
engines, allowing developers to compose and send multi-part emails
from a Java EE application.


First RC for New Scala 2.9.1 Distribution

The first release candidate of Scala 2.9.1 is now
available. This release candidate ports “most” of the interpreter
changes available in the development mainline, to the 2.9.x release
branch, and fixes a list of bugs. This release is fully binary
compatible with Scala version

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