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ZeroTurnaround and Genuitec Announce JRebel for MyEclipse

Jessica Thornsby

“It makes development faster, more iterative, and provides much quicker feedback to developers – typically saving ~1 hour per day.”

  • David Booth

    The CEO of ZeroTurnaround, you’ll find him at nearly every Java conference, beer in hand. Known for saying, “Wow. Last year was exciting. THIS year is gonna be even MORE exciting. ZeroTurnaround rocks.” When not in the office or on the road, he spends time gardening, reading, sampling hoppy beverages, running, and training his Hungarian Vizsla, Mako. You can connect with David on LinkedIn.

Last month, ZeroTurnaround, the company behind JRebel and LiveRebel, and Genuitec, makers of MyEclipse, announced they had joined forces to release JRebel for MyEclipse. In this interview, we speak to David Booth, CEO of ZeroTurnaround, on this new product, and the work involved in integrating JRebel with MyEclipse.

JAXenter: Can you introduce us to JRebel for MyEclipse?

David Booth: JRebel is an IDE and container-plugin that eliminates the need to build or redeploy code when a Java developer wants to see the effects of changes they made to their application. It makes development faster, more iterative, and provides much quicker feedback to developers – typically saving ~1 hour per day. JRebel for MyEclipse is a plugin that extends JRebel functionality to the MyEclipse line of IDEs. It makes it easy to download, setup, and use JRebel from within MyEclipse.

JAXenter: What challenges did you face, in integrating JRebel with MyEclipse?

David: The most challenging part was figuring out what needs to be done to integrate JRebel plugin smoothly within MyEclipse so that the user experience would be improved the most. The WebSphere application server connector in particular requires special configuration, so we tried to make this as simple as possible.

JAXenter: What unique functionality is provided, by this integration of JRebel and MyEclipse?

David: It’s really just a very easy way to combine JRebel and MyEclipse, to receive the benefits of both. Plus, if you’re already a MyEclipse user, then you’ll appreciate the special lower price on JRebel.

JAXenter: What are the companies’ future plans, for the plugin?

David: We would like to get some feedback from our users first. We have some ideas for usability improvements, and of course, JRebel for MyEclipse will receive all the upgrades that our standard version of JRebel receives – which supports Eclipse, MyEclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans and more.

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