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Yahoo! To Create New Hadoop Company?

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, second beta of Griffon 0.9.3, and Grails 1.4 becomes 2.0.

Yahoo! To Create New Hadoop Company?

According to a report by GigaOm, Yahoo! are spinning off a
separate company, called HortonWorks, to focus on Hadoop. Citing “a
source familiar with the project,” GigaOm state that HortonWorks
will consist of a small team of Yahoo’s Hadoop engineers, who will
focus on developing a production-ready, Hadoop-based product.
HortonWorks will reportedly be a joint venture between Yahoo and
Benchmark Capital.

“It’s a natural step for Yahoo, which uses Hadoop heavily within
its own web operations, and which has contributed approximately 70
percent of the code to Apache Hadoop since the project’s
inception,” says GigaOm. An official announcement is expected to be
made this week, to coincide with the Hadoop Summit in Santa


Grails 1.4 Becomes 2.0

Graeme Rocher, Grails Project Lead, has announced that 1.4 has
been changed to Grails 2.0.

“This should not significantly impact timelines of the release,
but we do feel there are too many great things in the github master
branch for it to be a mere 1.4 release,” he says.

The next milestone release of Grails will include a new console
UI and interactive mode, HTML5 scaffolding, and abstract
inheritance support. It will also upgrade to libraries from Groovy
1.8, Spring 3.1, Hibernate 3.6 and Servlet 3.0.


Second Beta of Griffon 0.9.3

The second beta of Griffon 0.9.3, is out now. This
release adds the ability to configure manifest entries for the
application’s jar and adds the new AST transformations ‘@MVCAware’
and ‘@ThreadingAware’ for dealing with MVC groups and threading
concerns. Support for Eclipse’s DSLD has been added, and the DSL
support for IDEA has been reworked. Please note that this release
breaks binary compatibility.


Spring AMQP for Java 1.0 RC2 Upgrades

The second release candidate of Spring AMQP for Java 1.0,
is now available. Spring AMQP for Java 1.0 RC2 upgrades to RabbitMQ
client 2.5.0, adds support for Exchange-to-Exchange bindings and
improves re-connection support. A MessageProperties conversion
strategy interface has been added, and a list of bugs have been
fixed, including SingleConnectionFactory sometimes closing the
wrong target connection on close. More information is available at
the Release Notes.


New Documentation for Orion

The third release candidate of Orion 0.2 has been
released, adding new documentation. This is the final release
candidate towards the Orion 0.2 release, and can be downloaded now from the Orion website.

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