Yahoo! Call Time on Own Hadoop Distribution

Yahoo! Shift Their Focus to Apache Hadoop

Jessica Thornsby

Yahoo! have announced they will be contributing their own distributions to the Apache project.

Yahoo! have decided to discontinue their own distribution of the
open source Hadoop implementation of frameworks, and will now
focus on Apache Hadoop itself. Yahoo! will
remove all references to their own distribution from their website,
close their github repo and “focus on working more closely with the
Apache community.” Yahoo! express concern that Apache is no longer
the obvious first stop for users who wish to use Hadoop, and want
to help rectify this.

Moving forward, Yahoo! have already initiated the process of
contributing Hadoop-0.20-sustaining to Apache in the branch and,
based on community feedback, they will create 20.100 release
candidates and request the community to vote on making them Apache
releases. Yahoo! will also check in with their Hadoop-future
patches, but stress that such bulk checkins will be exceptional:
“once we’ve merged our hadoop-future and hadoop-0.20-sustaining
work back into Apache, folks can expect us to return to our regular
development cadence.”

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