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WSO2 Launch Five New Products Based on WSO2 3.0 Middleware Platform

Jessica Thornsby

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WSO2 have announced five new products based on version 3.0 of WSO2
Carbon open source middleware platform.

The new products are:

  • WSO2 Business Process Server.
  • WSO2 Data Services Server.
  • WSO2 Business Activity Monitor.
  • WSO2 Gadget Server.
  • WSO2 Mashup Server.

All of these products inherit the new WsO2 Carbon 3.0
functionality. This includes a new Component Manager with
point-and-click functionality for extending the capabilities of the
middleware, and Web Services Dynamic Discovery, which automates the
detection and configuration of Web service endpoints. Each product
also gains unique new features.

WSO2 Business Process Server 2.0

This version of the WSO2 tool for composing and orchestrating
business processes using WS-BPEL, adds support for BPEL4People and
WS-HumanTask, which are open source human-centric process
specifications that are currently under OASIS standardisation
review. XML Path extension and Java Message Service API are also

WSO2 DSS 2.5

This product allows database administrators and database
programmers to use enterprise data to create and manage WS-* style
Web services and REST-style Web resources. New features include
support for contract-first data service creation, where developers
start the process with XML schema and WSDL definitions. There is
also functionality for automatically checking whether data input is
correct, and support for boxcarring.

WSO2 Business Activity Monitor 1.1

This tool provides real-time visibility into SOA processes,
transactions and workflows, and with this release BAM gets support
for Oracle relational database management system. Deployment on the
JBoss, Apache Tomcat and WebLogic application servers is now

WSO2 Gadget Server 1.1

The platform-independent WSO2 Gadget Server allows users to
implement and modify Web-based portals. Version 1.1 introduces a
new publish/subscribe mechanism for writing gadgets that can
communicate with one another, and a new browser-based editor that
can modify gadgets stored in the registry.

WSO2 Mashup Server 2.1

WSO2 Mashup Server provides a platform for deploying web service
mashups. With version 2.1 of WSO2 Mashup Server, mashups can be
uploaded together with the required resources in a ZIP folder. It
also comes with a new user-based mashup deployment model, and a
scheduled tasks management user interface for recurrent

All the above products are open source under the Apache License
2.0, and WSO2 offers a range of additional service and support

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