WSO2 Carbon Studio

WSO2 Eclipse-Based IDE for Carbon Studio

Jessica Thornsby

IDE for building SOA architecture and apps based on WSO2 Carbon.

WSO2 have announced an Eclipse-based integrated developer
environment for WSO2 Carbon Studio. WSO2 Carbon Studio is designed
for building SOA architecture and applications based on WSO2

The IDE can organise artifacts that span multiple composite
application runtimes, into a single Carbon application, and test
and debug WSO2 Carbon-based applications directly within the IDE.
Carbon applications are exported in a new ‘Carbon Archive’ format,
and can work with all ten of the componentised WSO2 Carbon-based
middleware products. The IDE includes graphical editors for XML
configuration files, an Eclipse BPEL editor, and integration of
WSO2 Carbon-based applications with the WSO2 Governance

WSO2 Carbon Studio is available now as a set of Eclipse plugins.
It is open source, but a range of service and support options are

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