Winners of JetBrains IDEAl Plugin Contest Announced

Jessica Thornsby

Want to bring Bash support or Apache Ant build script debugging to IntelliJ?

The winners of the fourth JetBrains IDEAl Plugin Contest have
been announced. The contest ran from January 1st,
2009 to March 31, 2010.

The Grand Prize goes to BashSupport by Joachim Ansorg, a plugin that brings
Bash 3.2 and 4.0 support to IntelliJ 9, allowing users to run Bash
scripts within IDEA. Coming in second, is Ant Debugger, which enables Apache Ant build script
debugging, and third place goes to Compare Directories. This plugin allows the comparison
of two directories or archive files in IntelliJ Idea. Single file
differences can be viewed with the usual IDEA diff window, while
diffs in compiled Java classes can also be viewed using a built-in
Java disassembler.

The winners can be located in the IntelliJ plugin repository,
with a special icon denoting them as contest winners.

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