Hudson/Jenkins Split

Will Both Hudson and Jenkins Benefit from Split?

Bob Bickel, chairman of eXo and owner of, has blogged about how the competition created by the Hudson/Jenkins split could have a positive impact on both communities. He perceives a fresh sense of energy in the Jenkins community, but also a new approach within the Hudson community, with Oracle and Sonatype defining their own roadmap and perspective on how the project will move forward. Bickel believes Hudson will now follow a process much closer to Maven, although he comments "it is kind of a shame that Oracle did not put more resources on the project until this whole upheaval. It is also a shame that Sonatype did not contribute code to the community until they could really control the roadmap." Sonatype's Jason van Zyl has previously spoken out in favour of Hudson, stating that "continuing the Hudson with Oracle is what we feel is best."

But he is overall optimistic about the future of both projects following the split: "I think users of Jenkins and Hudson will tend to benefit from the increased energy and having a choice."

Jessica Thornsby

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