JAX Innovation Awards 2011

Who is the Most Innovative Java Company?

Jessica Thornsby

There’s still time to vote for your favourite!

The results of the JAX Innovation Awards 2011 will be announced later
this week at JAX
in San Jose – but there’s still time left for you to
vote! Let
us know who you think deserves to win the title of Most Innovative
Java Technology, Most Innovative Java Company and Top Java

After a period of open community nominations and evaluation by a
panel of independent Java experts, we have five finalists vying for
the title of Most Innovative Java Company. But, who do you feel
best understands the challenges and opportunities of the Java
Ecosystem, and contributes the most value to the Java platform? If
you’re still undecided, then here are some key quotes from each
finalist’s proposal, to help you make up your mind:


Atlassian have a long history of supporting a huge number of
open source development projects by providing their commercial
tools at no cost. This support has helped those projects attract
contributors to their project and given them an effective way to
manage their project. Atlassian is always innovating and shares
ideas with the developer community through websites like Planet
Atlassian (http://planet.atlassian.com/) and are establishing an
Atlassian StackOverflow type site to allow the community to help
each other out.


There is no better company to drive innovation in Platform as a
Service (PaaS) for Java than CloudBees, which knows Java middleware
and open source inside out. The team’s experience extends from the
very first Java application servers in the late 1990s, such as
Bluestone, JRun, SilverStream and WebSphere, to the most popular
open source application servers of the last decade, GlassFish and

Red Hat Inc.

Red Hat middleware has been active in pushing the envelope of
Java technology, and has led several JSRs, was instrumental in
modernising and keeping Java EE compelling and relevant: through
Java EE 5, Java EE 6, EJB 3 and CDI specifications, among others.
Red Hat middleware continues to push the boundaries of Java, making
sure it is relevant to cloud and PaaS vendors. Red Hat is also an
active contributor to OpenJDK, very important for vendor-neutral
Java adoption.

Tasktop Technologies

Tasktop’s main breakthrough is the task-focused desktop. The
task-focused desktop is the core of many of the benefits that
development organizations have enjoyed using Tasktop and Mylyn.
First of all, in a world of increasing complexity and information
overload (many enterprise systems have millions of lines of code),
Tasktop’s task-focused desktop actually shows less information
rather than more (and hence the company’s mantra “less is


The JRebel and LIveRebel products have changed the ecosystem,
allowing Java developers to directly measure increased
productivity. ZeroTurnaround nurtures a hardcore technological
culture and has contributed to the body of knowledge of the Java
engineering community through conference talks, articles and user
groups. Also, we rock!

Who gets your vote? The Community Voting will close on the 21st June –
visit the JAX Innovation Awards 2011 website, to register your

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