Smartphone Wars

While Android has a way to go, the trend is becoming apparent.

Jessica Thornsby

Android overtakes Windows Mobile for the first time.

2010 is shaping up to be Android’s year: in the United

The sale of Android-based smartphones in Noth America has grown
by 707% compared to this time last year, according to Gartner. And, in terms of units, more
Android-based smartphones have been sold in the United States than
smartphones based on the Apple Operating System, in the first
quarter of 2010. This is according to market research performed by
The NPD Group.

Elsewhere, iPhone is still outselling Android. Globally, iPhone
has a 3-million-unit lead on Android, with research vice president
at Gartner Carolina Milanesi claiming that in Europe twice as many
iPhones were sold, as Android-based smartphones during the first
quarter of 2010.

So, worldwide, iPhone is still outselling Android-based
smartphones, but this isn’t the case with Windows Mobile: globally,
Android sales have surpassed Windows Mobile for the very first
time. Windows Mobile’s market share dropped from 10.2% to 6.8% in
the first quarter of 2010. Whether Android will be able to retain
its newfound fourth position in the smartphone operating system
market, remains to be seen: Microsoft are due to release their
Windows Phone 7 operating system later this year. iPhone 4G and
Blackberry 6 OS are also on the horizon.

So, what’s next for Android? Is it feasible that the Google
operating system could overtake iPhone? According to Gartner, this
could very well be the case: in 2012.

In October 2009 Gartner published their predictions for the
market share of numerous smartphone operating systems in 2012. They
placed Android in second position, ahead of Blackberry and iPhone,
but behind Symbian.

Quantcast support Gartner’s argument that,
although Android may be flagging behind the iPhone in terms of unit
sales, Android adoption is displaying a strong, upwards trend.
“While Android has a way to go, the trend is becoming apparent,”
states the company’s blog.

In related news, Google
they will be closing their online store, and
supplying the Nexus One through existing commercial retailers in
the future.

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