TeamWall Server Interview

What’s New in TeamWall 1.2?

Jessica Thornsby

TeamWall helps agile Teams to get continuous code feedback.

Version 1.2 of the
TeamWall server
was recently released with support for Bugzilla
and Brick. In this interview, JAXenter speaks to founder of 40 Bits
Software Oliver Wehrens, to find out more about the product, and
what’s new in the latest release…….

JAXenter: What is the relationship between
TeamWall and Agile?

Oliver Wehrens: TeamWall helps agile Teams to
get continuous code feedback. Whenever code is checked in or a
customer reports an issue the team gets notified. Everybody is
always aware what happens. If there are bugs, the code does not
compile or if the (long running) code analysis found a problem,
getting feedback right away enables the team to fix it while they
know what they working on. Traditionally most of this happened
after developers were handing the code over to testers. Even if
people were using tools like SonarSource Sonar or Structure 101, a
lot of good information is hidden in tool specific dashboards which
in practice not many teams look at regularly. TeamWall is meant to
run on big screen TVs in the team room of the developers and to
give them instant feedback which helps them to write a better code

JAXenter: What technologies help TeamWall
provide continuous code feedback?

Oliver Wehrens: TeamWall is mostly written in
Java using Spring MVC and jQuery. TeamWall already includes data
providers for Jetbrains TeamCity, Hudson, Atlassian Jira, Bugzilla,
Sonar, HeadWay Structure 101 and more.

JAXenter: How does the developer write their
own bricks, for use with TeamWall?

Oliver Wehrens: Writing your own brick to
display in TeamWall is easy, even writing your own data provider is
not hard at all. We provide an API via our Maven repository and all
a developers has to do is to implement two interfaces. Checkout our
website for more information.

JAXenter: What’s new in 1.2 release?

Oliver Wehrens: In 1.2 we added support for
Bugzilla, we did some graphical enhancements for disabling/enabling
brick system wide and we added the possibility to preview a brick
while adding it to an existing wall so you know what it looks

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