PrimeFaces 2.2 Interview

What’s New in PrimeFaces 2.2?

Jessica Thornsby

“We’re quite excited about PrimeFaces 3.0, it’ll be the implementation of our vision for PrimeFaces.”

The PrimeFaces team recently announced
version 2.2
. In this interview, JAXenter speaks to PrimeFaces
Component Suite project lead, Cagatay Civici, on what’s new in the
2.2 release, and what’s coming up in PrimeFaces 3.0…..

JAXenter: You just released version 2.2 of
PrimeFaces. What are the most important new features, for the 2.2

Cagatay Civici: PrimeFaces 2.2 has over 350
enhancements on the previous 2.1 version. 2.2 has new components,
rewritten datatable and various enhancements overall. We’ve also
completed migration to JSF 2.0 APIs, all ajax and resource loading
are now powered by standard JSF 2.0 APIs.

JAXenter: Version 2.2 of PrimeFaces introduces
initial support for portlet. How do you plan to build on this
support, in future releases?

Cagatay Civici: There are many people who are
interested in using PrimeFaces in a portlet environment, to provide
an example we have created a PrimeFaces-Liferay portlet using
PortletFaces as the bridge implementation. Initial feedback is very
positive and we’re in touch with the PortletFaces team to resolve
any issues that are reported by PrimeFaces community.

JAXenter: What can you tell us about PrimeFaces
Mobile and PrimeFaces Push, which will be included in the upcoming
3.0 release?

Cagatay Civici: We’re quite excited about
PrimeFaces 3.0, it’ll be the implementation of our vision for
PrimeFaces. 2.2 actually have Ajax Push and mobile integration but
these features are proof of concept as of 2.2. In 3.0, PrimeFaces
Mobile and PrimeFaces Push will be rewritten from ground up and
production ready based on the feedback we’ve gathered from
PrimeFaces community.

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