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What Microsoft should do on the Cloud

A cottage media industry has sprung up to debate if Microsoft will survive the cloud. The challenges before Redmond giant reflects the dilemma of all on-premise vendors - whether to protect existing revenue sources or take a blind leap into the cloud.

Given the contradictions between these two business models, it is not an easy choice to make, and muddling through seems to have become a standard industry approach. 

Tech Crunch features CEO Aaron Levie analysing how Microsoft should go about on the cloud. The article gives an interesting sum up of the situation Microsoft is locked in, as ‘customers begin to leave for Googles and Salesforce.coms of the cloudy world'.

Aaron has three good tips:

Design software specifically for the web, rather than retrofitting old single-tenant software. Easier said than done, and he quotes Steve Ballmer saying “The goal can’t be to throw out all the world’s software and start again.”

Embrace a new business model by disrupting the partner ecosystem built diligently over the decades. The assets of traditional IT world may become liabilities in the emerging landscape.  But the call to sabotage them is revolutionary.

The third suggestion would possibly be more palatable: court developers with an open platform with easy terms.

Arun Mysore

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