OSGi Debate

What is the purpose of OSGi?

Jessica Thornsby

The OSGi Alliance respond to the latest blog posts on OSGi, by clarifying what exactly OSGi is trying to do.

OSGi is creating something of a buzz in the blogosphere at the
moment, with claims that OSGi is not yet a mainstream
technology, alongside suggestions of how to help OSGi bridge that gap and become
more widely adopted.

Now, the OSGi Alliance have stepped into the fray, with a
blog post that states some people have preconceived
notions of what OSGi does, which are just plain wrong. OSGi’s does
not to simplify application development. OSGi’s purpose is to
enable third parties to provide frameworks, which can then be used
to simplify application development. OSGi allows different
frameworks to work together by defining collaboration

The OSGi Alliance sees OSGi as breaking an application problem
into smaller parts where, crucially, the sum complexity of those
small parts, is less then the complexity of all those parts
combined. But, of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
The flexibility that OSGi can offer at deployment level, is earned
by imposing restricting rules at the component level. Whether you
believe increased flexibility at deployment level is worth
sacrificing some flexibility at component level, is a fair
trade-off, will inevitably impact your opinion on OSGi.

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