Google Acquire Instantiations

What is the Future of Instantiations’ Java Products?

Jessica Thornsby

After it was announced that Google had acquired Instantiations, speculation is rife as to what this means for Instantiations GWT Designer, WindowBuilder, and CodePro Profiler products.

Following the announcement that
Google have acquired Instantiations
, it is rumoured that
Instantiations’ GWT Designer product will become part of the Google
Web Toolkit infrastructure.

There has also been some speculation that Google will open
source some of Instantiations’ products, with Joachim Tuchel naming GWT Designer as the most
likely to get the open source treatment. GWT Designer is
Instantiations’ tool for visually constructing applications for the
Google Web Toolkit. Meanwhile, Jeff Sharkey has theorised that GWT
Designer will become part of Google’s free GWT developer toolkit.
According to reports, Instantiations was acquired by the Google Web
Toolkit team at Google, so it seems logical that new developments
will mostly come from the GWT space.

It has also been suggested that Google could donate
Instantiations’ WindowBuilder product for Swing and SWT, to the
Eclipse project, as Eclipse developers have previously been working
on creating a visual editor for Java Swing and SWT programs.
“Having it be an official, free, open source part of Eclipse would
be a godsend for Java desktop developers,” writes Jeff Sharkey. He
also speculates that CodePro Profiler might find a new home with
GWT’s new Speed Tracer snapshot and diagnostic tool.

And it’s good news for Smalltalk developers! The Smalltalk team
at Instantiations will be maintained as a separate, independent business and will even
continue under the ‘Instantiations’ moniker – meaning that
Instantiations is now a 100% Smalltalk company. According to the
new, Smalltalk-focused Instantiations webpages, the operation will
continue with the same team, the same products and the “same
dedication to our customers and to Smalltalk.” The website promises
that the customer-focused support and product development will be
uninterrupted by the transition.

Mike Taylor will continue as President and CEO of
Instantiations, while founder Eric Clayberg will join Google, but
also continue as a Director/Board Member and technical advisor for

This has met with positive reactions, with Michael Davies
expressing relief that Instantiations will not
become one of the “innovative companies using Smalltalk” who are
acquired by “big players,” only for the new owners to drop
Smalltalk development in favour of focusing on Java and other
enterprise environments.

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