Quick Interview: Appcelerator Acquire Aptana

What Does Appcelerator Acquisition Mean for Aptana?

Scott Schwarzhoff

Scott  Schwarzhoff

Last week, it was announced that Aptana, the developers of Aptana Studio, had been acquired by platform and services company Appcelerator. JAXenter asked Vice President of marketing, Scott Schwarzhoff a few questions about what this acquisition would mean for Appcelerator's Titanium Developer IDE and Aptana's web development environment.

JAXenter: Appcelerator recently acquired Aptana. How will the Aptana development environment be integrated into Appcelerator's services?

Scott Schwarzhoff: We will be migrating Appcelerator's Titanium Developer IDE product to an Aptana-based product. Aptana Studio 3 will continue to be its own product as well going forward.

JAXenter: How will the acquisition affect the development of Appcelerator's Titanium mobile development platform?

Scott Schwarzhoff: They are a complementary fit. The platform continues on as it always has under the direction of our platform development team (with iOS, Android developers) while the new Aptana team has become an additional tools-focused team in the engineering group.

JAXenter: What does the acquisition mean for the future of Aptana Studio?

Scott Schwarzhoff: Aptana Studio will continue active development for JavaScript, Ruby, php, and Python developers to build client and server-side web

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