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Web Application OSGi Toolkit?

There's been something of an OSGi buzz in the blogosphere as of late. First, Kirk Knoerschild claimed that OSGi was being prevented from entering the mainstream, by its unfashionable image and lack of tooling support, before Ian Skerrett posted some steps OSGi could take in an effort to become a majority technology.

Now, Matt Stine has posted his thoughts on how to encourage more widespread adoption. His ideas centre around a new tool that would allow OSGi newbies to get an OSGi-enabled web application up and running with as little stress as possible. He envisions a Java-based web application toolkit specifically for creating deployable OSGI-enabled web applications, with a DB-agnostic persistence layer leveraging JPA and a dependency injection framework for OSGi services based on the Blueprint standard. It would also come with easily-pluggable, Java web application frameworks, facilities for automated testing, and a build system that leverages a modern build tool.

For a more in-depth run-through of Stine's 'OSGi-enabled toolkit,' please see the original blog post.

Jessica Thornsby

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