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WaveMaker Drop Enterprise Edition Following VMware Acquisition

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, JRebel 4.0 M2 and Spring Android 1.0.0 M3 released.

WaveMaker Drop Enterprise Edition

The WaveMaker team have announced that, beginning with the
upcoming 6.3.1 Beta release, there will only be a Community Edition of WaveMaker, which
will contain all of the new features. Previously, WaveMaker was
available in Community and Enterprise editions. WaveMaker 6.3.1
Beta will be open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

WaveMaker is a rapid application development environment. It was
acquired by VMware in March, 2011.

JRebel 4.0 M2 Extends EJB Support

The second milestone of JRebel
4.0 has been announced with support for adding new EJBs and
references to EJBs, whilst developing with WebSphere Application
Server. The support for JBoss Seam, Spring Security and the Equinox
class loader integration has been improved, and support for Jetty 8
has been added. JRebel 4.0 M2 comes with the Hibernate Validator
plugin included. More information is available at the Changelog.

Initial Release of GitHub Mylyn Connector for

An alpha release of the GitHub Mylyn connector for
is now available. This connector uses the new Issues
and Gist API, and supports creating, updating, searching,
monitoring and commenting on issues from within the Eclipse IDE.
GitHub Mylyn connector for Eclipse also supports the Gists method
of sharing snippets and pastes; users can highlight text or select
a file and run Create Gist from the context menu. Eclipse users can
also browse and search for Gists from within the IDE.

Bamboo 3.1 – Now With UMP

Version 3.1 of the Bamboo continuous
integration server has been announced. This release introduces
‘Plan Variables’ for specifying variables, and improves the
integration with Bitbucket and GitHub. Bamboo 3.1 comes with the
Universal Plugin Manager, which allows users to perform plugin
compatibility checks, manage existing plugins, and view and track
updates through the audit log:

More information is available at the Release Notes.

Third Milestone for Spring Android 1.0.0

The third milestone of Spring Android 1.0.0 has
been announced. In this milestone, the RestTemplate support has
been updated, and support for Spring Social 1.0.0.M3 has been
introduced through the Spring Android Auth module. The Spring
Android project
supports using the Spring Framework in an
Android environment, and features a Rest Client for Android and
Auth support for accessing APIs.

JCP EC Approve JSR 347

The JCP Executive Committee has approved the JSR Review ballot for JSR 347,
Data Grids for the Java Platform
, which proposes an API for
interacting with in-memory and disk-based distributed data grids.
The JSR was passed with eight
yes votes, and one no vote
. VMware voted against the JSR,
stating that:

“VMware has serious concerns around the proposed JSR’s
relationship with JSR-107. While we note that some other EC members
hope that the necessary harmonization can occur after the approval
of this JSR, we would prefer to see such discussions take place
before another potentially competing JSR is approved, and see that
path as less risky.”

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