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Want to use cloud, but don’t know how? Here’s good help

Cloud computing is expected to quickly grow into a $ 225 billion industry. But as with any new industry in the making, it has several teething troubles.  

The small and medium businesses, which are expected to generate good business for cloud service providers, usually lack the wherewithal to evaluate them.

Recent surveys also suggest that many cloud initiatives are coming from business and other end users who are strangely being asked to evaluate cloud services on their own, without the assistance of their IT departments.

These issues will hopefully get resolved as the industry matures. But until then, for potential users, who are left to on their own on cloud, there is good help available. 

Edward A. Pisacreta, a partner at Holland & Knight LLP and an expert on e-commerce has published an excellent guide in Law to help newbie cloud service buyers.  

A Checklist for Cloud Computing Deals is simple, easy to read and brief. But it lists all the questions a buyer has to ask a cloud vendor. It is written by a lawyer, but rather than obfuscating it illuminates.

If you had following questions and didn’t know whom to ask, you can now thank us J.  

  • The crux of Cloud Computing
  • What's the Agreement?
  • Does 'One Size Fits All' Work?
  • What Are Other Standards for the Services?
  • When and How Can the Customer Get Its Data Back?
  • How Safe Is the Customer's Data?
  • What if There's a Data Breach?
  • What if There's a Disaster?
  • How Much Does the Service Cost?
  • How Is Risk Allocated?
  • What if the Agreement Terminates?
  • Is It Really Your Vendor Holding the Data?
  • How Can the Customer Review the Vendor's Performance?
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