Welcome to the club

VMware, NEC and Intel join the OpenStack party

Elliot Bentley

Despite some minor controversy, three new companies have become certified ‘gold members’ of OpenStack.

NEC and Intel have become certified ‘gold members’ of OpenStack,
joining RackSpace et al, after a
special meeting was held to discuss their applications.

The companies’ applications were due to be discussed in a meeting
at the end of last month, but was never reached as the meeting
overran. Far from the Register’s
of VMware being ‘bounced’, the board’s meeting simply
failed to reach the end of its agenda, despite running for seven

Perhaps in response to this negative press, the OpenStack board
held a special board meeting last Friday where all three companies’
applications were approved. Board member Jonathan Bryce
wrote to the mailing list
later that evening:

The factors considered by the Board included a commitment to
helping achieve the OpenStack Foundation Mission through
demonstrated and potential contribution to the OpenStack community
in terms of code, adoption into product roadmaps, adoption as an
end user, geographic and industry diversity and community
development efforts.

VMware’s application for gold membership was controversial due
to their position as a proprietary competitor of OpenStack.
However, the company has in past years developed an interest in
open source, in both recently-acquired Nicira (which was also previously a member
of OpenStack) and SpringSource. It remains to be seen how the
company engages with the community – other than by coughing up its
membership fee, which is capped at $200,000.

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