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VMware joins the Cloud Industry Forum

Chris Mayer
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The virtualisation software giant takes its rightful place alongside the cloud leading pack, to promote the industry’s standards

Cloud heavyweight VMware has become the newest
member of the Cloud
Industry Forum
(CIF), which promotes trust, security and
transparency within the cloud sector.

The company behind such cloud infrastructures as VCloud and
CloudFoundry brings a wealth of experience with them, with over
300,000 customers and 25,000 partners entrusting them to do their
bidding when transferring over to cloud computing, whatever budget
they may have available. VMware joins up with founder members and
fellow leading players Dell, Microsoft, Outsourcery,
Rackspace, Rise and Unit4.

The CIF was established back in 2009 at the advent of cloud
computing, mainly in direct response to the evolving
supply models for the delivery of software and IT services. The
CIF’s approach is two-fold, firstly t
o provide transparency,
through its Code of Practice, for credible online cloud service
providers and also to assist end users in determining core
information necessary to enable them to adopt these

Gavin Jackson, Director, VMware vCloud® and Service
Providers, commented: “We are delighted to announce our
membership in CIF as we support the work it is doing to build end
user confidence in cloud service delivery. We believe the Code
of Practice for Cloud Service Providers, which aims to bring
greater transparency and trust to doing business in the cloud, can
drive consumer confidence in the market.”

“The rapid adoption of cloud computing has seen cloud-based
services become a central part of business strategy, with its
ability to deliver flexibility and drive down cost being two of the
main benefits for end users. This partnership further reflects our
commitment to the cloud and more importantly our cloud-based
customers. We look forward to working with CIF and helping it to
succeed in promoting a credible and certifiable code of practice
for the cloud industry as well as bringing businesses, consumers
and suppliers of cloud services closer together in a trusted and
sustainable marketplace,” he added.

Andy Burton, Chair of CIF and CEO of Fasthosts, added: “CIF
members are directly responsible for the shape, format and strategy
of the Cloud Industry Forum in advancing trust between consumers
and providers of cloud services and as such are instrumental in
influencing public confidence and industry best practice. VMware is
an important addition to count among our membership because it is
one of the biggest brands in the IT industry having proven
commercial and technical ability to deliver virtualization and
cloud based solutions for organisations on a truly global

We always thought there was a large gap in the Cloud Industry
Forum with the virtualisation software giant leaving a huge void.
Now that they’ve taken their place at the meeting table, hopefully
this will lead to a better representation from the entire cloud

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