vFabric Cloud Platform

VMware Announce New VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform

Jessica Thornsby

VMware announce vFabric with Spring, GemFire, RabbitMQ and Apache Tomcat ‘tc server.’

VMware have announced details of their VMware vFabric cloud application platform at
VMworld 2010.

The cloud application platform combines the Spring Java
development framework with platform services, such as global data
management and dynamic load balancing. VMware vFabric can
coordinate with underlying infrastructure, and delivers middleware
infrastructure including the enterprise version of Apache Tomcat,
tc server, and GemFire, which provides real-time access to globally
distributed data. It also comes with RabbitMQ for communicating
between applications, inside and outside of the datacentre, and the
ERS enterprise version of the Apache web server. The Hyperic
application performance management tool is also included.

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