Virtualization beginning to transform databases

A new survey by Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) has found that virtualization is going beyond servers and beginning to transform databases.

The survey covered 381 members, who oversee complex and multiple databases. Most respondents have already virtualized their servers are now planning database virtualization.

They view virtualization as a strategy to manage mixed environments. The respondents say data volumes and database instances are on the rise. But these environments are spread across multiple vendors and platforms.

What is driving virtualization and what is stalling it? Cost reduction is the primary driver to virtualization. But virtualization projects are also grappling with up-front budget constraints. Seventy five percent of the respondents named managing tight budgets as the top IT operational challenge they faced. 

A respondent wrote:  “…We need to convince our top management—the decision-making point— with return on investment; the cost savings in hardware and less administration costs.”

Staffing and skill constraints (43%) and improving data security (22%) were cited as next two operational constraints.

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