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Flex Remoting in Flex Addon for Spring Roo

In part two of the SpringSource team's introduction to the Flex Addon for Spring Roo, they demonstrate the “flex remoting” commands for generating and updating Flex UI…


Parker Harris on Chatter, Collaboration and VMForce co-founder Parker Harris explains how chatter and collaboration works in an interview with Enterprise Irregular blogger Michael Krigsman. Chatter connects…


Is cloud computing green? Yes and no

Simon Wardley, cloud strategist for Canonical, has an interesting take on how green Cloud computing is. It leads to better utilisation of computing resources, and eliminates…


Business Intelligence through the decades

A well-done though introductory video on BI by MSDN. It explains what BI can do and traces its development since 1980s. The old school BI did not work as it was too IT…


On-demand services may see consolidation

On-demand services market will consolidate, says Jeffrey M. Kaplan, founder and managing director of THINKstrategies, a strategic consulting firm. He should know as he is…

JAX Magazine - 2014 - 06 Exclucively for iPad users JAX Magazine on Android


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