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Admin turn-offs

Claire Rowland talks UX design for the Internet of Things

The "Internet of Things" is still a heavily technology driven field and many of the products and services that fall into this category are still mostly of interest…

Bridge building

In Flux: Martin Lippert on the mission to marry the desktop and cloud IDE

In this interview, filmed at JAX 2014, Martin Lippert outlines Flux (formerly known as 'Flight'), the exciting new Eclipse venture aiming to bridge the gap between cloud and…

Ignore the FUD

Datastax’s Tim Berglund on writing a credible real-time analytics story

Tim Berglund, who recently moved from GitHub to DataStax (aka the commercial warders of Apache Cassandra, a NoSQL platform for data-driven, real-time applications), has long…

A new 'to-do' list

Software isn't the biggest issue for the IoT

"Software is not the hardest part": this was the core message of "Good Night Lamp" founder and IoT expert Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino’s JAX 2014…

Glide like a 747

Guillaume Laforge on finding the Groovy factor

Groovy hit the 3 million downloads mark in 2013! We met Guillaume Laforge at JAX 2014 to talk about what makes Groovy so groovy for developers and what new features the latest…

Stripped down

"Worse is better": Unpicking the paradox

In this interview, Kevlin Henney breaks down 'Worse is Better', examines agile in 2014, and gives us three bonus rules every programmer should know. Filmed at JAX 2014, Mainz,…

Framing a use case

What's the best web framework for you? Vaadin's Ville Ingman shines a light

Vaadin just released version 7.2 of their web framework at JAX 2014. We had a chance to talk to Ville Ingman about the new release and the challenge to choose the right web…

Balancing act

Walking the architecture/design highwire

Donald Rumsfeld was right: it's the unknown unknowns that are the real killers in software development. Design decisions made too early amount to speculation without facts.…

Firing the generator

Code generation with Xtend

Xtend is the successor to the Xpand template language, which was a great choice for developing code generators. Although Xtend is not just a template language for code…

Stairway to dev heaven

Five steps to take for Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery - continuous roll-out of software - is the buzzy topic du jour. Big companies as well as start-ups understand that customers expect services with…

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