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Bridge building

In Flux: Martin Lippert on the mission to marry the desktop and cloud IDE

In this interview, filmed at JAX 2014, Martin Lippert outlines Flux (formerly known as 'Flight'), the exciting new Eclipse venture aiming to bridge the gap between cloud and…

Just like that

Building an Eclipse based tool in 20 minutes

Eclipse promises to ease the development of modelling tools. However, there's quite a high initial ramp-up to develop your first running version of a tool, especially for…

Bringing stuff to life

When open source enables the Internet of Things

Whether it's the building you live in, your car, your grandmother's pacemaker, or your toaster, by 2020 it's predicted that there will be tens of billions of connected…

Not so quackers

Andy Piper: Eclipse Paho and MQTT - Java Messaging in the Internet of Things

What is Paho? In the Maori language, paho means "broadcast, make widely known, announce" -- and in this talk, Andy would like to make sure that more people get to…

To the browser

Discussing Eclipse Orion with Ken Walker - JAXConf 2013

JAX Editor Chris Mayer catches a few minutes with Eclipse Orion project lead Ken Walker to discuss the browser IDE and its design goal, its difference from the main Eclipse…

From W-JAX

Introducing NatTable

Adding tables or grids to an Eclipse application is quite hard work if you want to support more than only showing information. With the usage of Nebula NatTable you are able…

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