A decent proposal

Vert.x takes first step towards Eclipse Foundation

Elliot Bentley

With IP dispute laid to rest, Node.js-inspired project around two months from joining open-source foundation.

Vert.x has been officially proposed to the
Eclipse Foundation
, bringing an end to the controversy that has
been dogging the project since the start of the year.

The fate of the Node.js-inspired framework seemed uncertain after
creator Tim Fox
accused previous employer
VMware of claiming the open-source
project’s IP rights. However, after weeks of discussion, the
community (with VMware and Red Hat’s blessing)
to donate Vert.x to the Eclipse Foundation.

According to the proposal, VMware have agreed to transfer IP rights
to the Eclipse Foundation, although the author takes some
not-so-thinly-veiled swipes at VMware’s supposed claiming of

For Vert.x to continue to flourish with a vibrant community,
it’s important that the project is hosted in a neutral organisation
where the aims of any one entity cannot steer the project. We
believe the project is owned by the community and it’s up to the
community, led by the project lead, to determine the course of the

If – or rather, when – Vert.x is accepted, the code will be
checked over for potential licensing issues, and then the website
and documentation will be ported over to Eclipse’s own

Migration should be fully completed “by end of April 2013”, after
which the project can finally get on with the real work – building
cool stuff.

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