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Version 8.0 of NetBeans IDE nears completion

JAX Editorial Team

With release candidate stage reached, it’s looking like NetBeans is on track to drop the latest incarnation of its popular IDE just in time for Java 8 launch.


The latest incarnation of the popular NetBeans IDE has
reached the release candidate stage, taking it one step closer
towards version 8.0 going GA. According to the current roadmap,
this is scheduled to take place in  April.

Due to the open source development environment that the
NetBeans team work in, we already know quite a bit about what
features  to expect in this release. Certainly, the headline
additions  will be those that support new Java 8 features. Bar
any last minute disasters, this new platform update will be
unleashed, at long last, around the
middle of March

NetBeans is equipped with code analyzer and editor
extensions for lambda expressions, streams, and methods reference.
It also supports Java ME Embedded 8 and Java SE Embedded, making
development on devices such as the Raspberry Pi effectively

On top of this, it features additional support and
enhancements for HTML5, Maven, Java EE, PHP and C/C++.

On the Java Enterprise front, NetBeans now comes with
integrated Tomcat 8.0, and certified Java EE 6 Web Profile server

. The world of Java IDEs is split into three divergent
strands: Eclipse, NetBeans, and Intellij IDE, all of whom tussle is
out for the accolade of best development environment.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of
NetBeans further and deciding for yourself who deserves to be the
IDE to rule them all, you can get stuck into the Release Candidate
Before you do that though, we highly recommend delving into these
incredibly handy articles by Geertjan Wielenga:


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