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Vaadin eases Scala capability – welcome Scaladin 1.0

Chris Mayer

A new Scala wrapper harmonises the object-orientated language with the popular web framework, Vaadin.

It seems rare in the world of IT that a portmanteau so
accurately describes what a product actually is, but Scaladin
is different. The meeting of the multi-paradigm object-orientated
language with the equally popular web framework – it’s as simple as
that. With many finding Scala a steep learning curve, this tool
could be incredibly useful for Vaadin enthusiasts.

Although Vaadin already offered Scala functionality to develop
Scala applications with, Scaladin 1.0 makes things that much
easier. The project formerly known as scala-wrappers,
now Scaladin, extends Vaadin components to provide
constructors with named parameters to easily initialise a component
with a single line. It also enables the use of listeners to make
Vaadin-Scala development slightly more seamless.

You can see some more of Scaladin’s features through the
, but here’s an example of Scaladin in action, with some
Vaadin UI code.

val layout = new VerticalLayout(width = 100 pct, height = 100 pct) {
  add(new Label(content = "Persons", style = Reindeer.LABEL_H1))
  add(new Table(width = 100 pct, height = 100 pct), ratio = 1)
  add(new HorizontalLayout(spacing = true) {
    add(new Button("Edit selected", _ => editClicked()))
    add(new Button("Add new", _ => addNewClicked()))

Scaladin can be downloaded from Github, as it’s
freely available on a Apache 2.0 License. If you need to freshen up
on the world of Vaadin, their Wiki
page does an excellent job of getting you up to speed.

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