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Updated Maven Web Application Archetypes

Matthew McCullough has announced that he has collaborated with MuleSoft to update two Maven Web Application Archetypes: maven-archetype-webapp and wicket-archetype-quickstart.

In this update, the metadata has been changed, and the poms for the archetypes have been updated from the old archetype plugin type to the new 2.0 lifecycle extensions.

These lifecycles have also been bound to the redeployment and undeployment of the web application artifact and the execution of a JWebUnit integration test.

In the next release of these archetypes, McCullough reveals he is considering the notion of a zero-footprint, and support for Maven provisioning of completed artifacts into Tcat server groups. Profiles which would allow integration tests to be selectively executed in a local or embedded Tomcat or Tcat installation, are also under consideration.

Please see his blog post for more information. The new archetype code is hosted at github.

Jessica Thornsby

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