Griffon, JRebel

UPDATE: Developments in software 24/10/11


Bug fixes and new features

Griffon 0.9.4

If you write RIAs on the Java Virtual Machine with Groovy, and
are a fan of Grails, then you may like Griffon, a framework very
much in the Grails vein.

A new release of the software includes a missing buildtime
configuration option, which is the ability to specify file encoding
beyond the default UTF-8.

From the developers:

In terms of runtime capabilities we added a few tweaks to
services. It’s now possible to instruct the Griffon runtime to
eagerly instantiate all services (default is lazy). You can also
grab hold of any service (even instantiate it on the fly if the
instance was not ready) using a new helper class:
griffon.core.ServiceManager.MVC groups are the cornerstone of a
Griffon application, however until now there was no concrete type
that identified them nor their configuration. There are now a pair
of types that fix this problem. Meet
griffon.core.MVCGroupConfiguration and griffon.core.MVCGroup. The
MVCGroupManager and MVCHandler interfaces have been retrofitted
with these types. You can grab hold of an mvcGroupConfiguration
instance for example and create an mvcGroup instance directly.

You can find your release notes here
and head over to the download here.


JRebel 4.5.1 Released

Fans of redeployment look away now as there
has been an incremental release of the time saving JVM plug-in

A minor update, that still benefits from
some new functionality. From the developers:

The new features are in beta stage and would
love to get the feedback from users to polish the even more. This
time we have paid attention to JAX-RS – the new plugins for Jersey
and Apache CXF were added to the distribution and tested on an
enormous number of containers, including JBoss, WebLogic, Tomcat,
Resin and many others. We have tested and improved our integration
for EJB 3.1 Lite on Glassfish 3. JRebel integrations were updated
to support the recent versions of containers, e.g. Virgo 3 and
Resin 4.0.23.

Get your release notes here,
download here.

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