AdroitLogic ESB

UltraESB Enterprise Service Bus to be Open Sourced

Jessica Thornsby

AdroitLogic to open source ‘UltraESB’ Enterprise Service Bus.

AdroitLogic have announced they will release the ‘UltraESB’
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as open source, claiming this will
make UltraESB the first open source ESB to support Zero-copy
proxying of requests with Java Non-blocking IO and Memory Mapped

They will also release the source code of SoapBox, a web
services security library that was specifically built for

UltraESB supports legacy transports such as JMS, File and S/FTP,
and also supports REST, EDI, SOAP 1.1/1.2, POX/XML and Hessian. It
can be deployed standalone or within a JEE Servlet container such
as Tomcat.

UltraESB is now available for download under the AGPL. Paid
licensing options are available for users who wish to embed the
UltraESB in proprietary applications.


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