Hibernate Search 3.2

Two New Indexing APIs for Hibernate Search

Jessica Thornsby

Hibernate Search introduces support for raw JGroups communications between clustered members, and new indexing APIs.

Hibernate Search version 3.2 is now

Hibernate Search combines Hibernate Core with the capabilties of
the Apache Lucene full text search engine. Hibernate Search indexes
domain models, manages database/index synchronisation and returns
managed objects from free text queries. It can run in non-clustered
and clustered mode, and provides both synchronous and asynchronous
index updates.

This release features a new programmatic API to express index
mappings, and one for listening to and processing indexing errors.
Version 3.2 introduces support for raw JGroups communications
between cluster members.

Maven users, please note that JBoss has migrated to a new maven

Please see the Release Announcement for more information.

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