Daily Roundup

Two Apache Jakarta Projects Enter the Attic and One Apache Project Enters The Incubator

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new Batch-based DOS on DOPE MVC framework and Apache Isis enters the Incubator.

New Batch-Based DOS on DOPE MVC Framework

DOS on
is a new MVC web framework built on Batch scripts.

In DOS on DOPE, all of the controllers and views are batch
files, and the model is based on batch files. The source code can
be downloaded now.

Two Apache Projects Enter the Attic…….

The Jakarta project have announced two retirements.

The Apache Jakarta ORO project and the Jakarta ECS project have
both been retired, due to lack of development activity. The latter
was used for generating elements for various markup languages, and
directly supported HTML 4.0 and XML. Jakarta ORO consisted of a set
of text-processing classes that provided Perl5 compatible regular
expressions, AWK-like regular expressions, glob expressions, and
utility classes for performing tasks such as substitutions and
splits. Both projects have now entered the Apache Attic.

……and One Apache Project Enters the

But, while these two projects enter the Attic, a new Apache
project has been accepted into the Incubator.
builds on the Naked Objects Framework and its sister
projects. It will provide a framework for developing and deploying
domain-driven applications.

Substance, Flamingo and Trident Support

At the Nabble forum, Kirill Grouchnikov has announced that he is
suspending support for his Substance, Flamingo
and Trident projects, and their related plugins and demos. He
states that he has no plans to delete the projects themselves or
any downloadable binaries, or allow others to take over managing
the projects.

Trident is an animation library, Substance is a Java look and
feel library for Swing, while the Flamingo Swing component suite
provides a Swing implementation of the Office 2007 ribbon container
and related components.

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