The all-Apache Web profile gets official nod

TomEE moves forward - passes the Java EE 6 Web Profile TCK

Initially making its debut at our very own JAX London event, TomEE has now officially passed the java EE 6  Web Profile TCK, with the certification being announced yesterday at JavaOne.

TomEE is based on a regular Tomcat install, with many EE features added; the simple goal is to "get more from Tomcat without giving anything up."

Notable features:

Certified on Amazon EC2 on t1.micro, m1.small and c1.medium instances

Embeddable: you can run any part of the web profile and more embedded, i.e. for testing or cloud usage

    - Memory: Passed the TCK with no additional memory settings beyond the default jvm settings
    - Size: about 24MB for the entire web profile
    - Fast: in embedded mode you can do a start, deploy, test, undeploy, stop in around 3-4 seconds. 

Jonathan Gallimore will also be presenting this at this year's JAXLondon on Tuesday November 1st.

More info can be found on the page.

James Trew

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