Andrei Komolov: 'Our goal is to streamline work with webpages.'

Tiggr Interview

Andrei Komolov

Andrei  Komolov

JAXenter speaks with VP of Product Development and Technologies at Exadel, Andrei Komolov, about Exadel's new 'Tiggr' collaboration project.....

JAXenter: Can you give us a brief introduction to the new Tiggr project?

Andrei Komolov: I should start with a brief introduction of my company. Exadel is a principal developer of a popular JSF library "Richfaces." Exadel also offers professional services using "Richfaces" and other RIA technologies. When working with business clients, we've noticed that the collaboration phase of UI design and approval is extraordinary long because it has to go through several iterations of reviews. Web designers, software developers on one end, and business users on another end, could not be equally engaged in shaping UI design.

So, "Tiggr" was born out of a practical need to help developers to quickly create mockups for webpages, share pages mockups with other users, and collaboratively work on mockups in real time.

JAXenter: What new features does Tiggr bring to the world of collaborative development?

Andrei Komolov: Tiggr is still in its infancy, and, obviously, it has a long way to go. However, even at this stage, tiggr offers:

-realtime collaboration in a hosted environment, I.e nothing to download, install, you can be up and running in a less than a minute.

-online chat.

-WYSIWYG editor with most popular UI components.

-component containers, that work as component groups, but have a number of Properties, including various layouts.

-table grid component.

-mockups export as images.

JAXenter: What features are the Tiggr team considering including in future releases?

Andrei Komolov: Our goal is to streamline work with webpages as they progress from an original concept to mockup to prototype and then to an actual source code. This is a very ambitious goal, but every feature in our roadmap takes us closer to it:

-Markup palette with items like callouts to let users comment on mockups.

-share images, generated from mockups, via popular social networks.

-preview of mockups in html.

-pages templates to reuse the same design layouts on multiple pages.

-project assets, including images, css and js files.

- default styles for UI elements on a project level, aka "project skins."

-code generation of jsf source code.

-more UI components and more component attributes that can be edited by developers.

JAXenter: What benefits does the RichFaces support offer to Tiggr users?

Andrei Komolov: Tiggr UI palette consist of JSF and Richfaces components, not just generic boxes and text fields. So, from the very beginning, developers and business users can get a clear idea how webpages will look like without going through a tedious process of prototyping. In the future, when automatic generation of JSF source code is added, developers will be able to jump straight to coding of business logic instead of creating pages from ground zero.

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