Daily Roundup

Three More Java Champions Announced

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Nexus Open Source and new milestone for Orion project.

Bug Fixes for Apache Lenya 2.0.4

version 2.0.4 has been released. The Apache Lenya
Java/XML Content Management System is based on Apache Cocoon, and
offers revision control, search, site management, scheduling,
search, workflow and WYSIWYG editors. In this release, the TinyMCE
module has been updated for TinyMCE 3.0.X, and there are fixes for
WebDAV. Version 2.0.4 can be downloaded from the Lenya website.

Nexus Open Source Released

Sonatype have released Nexus Open Source This release
upgrades Shiro to version 1.1.0, to remove log spam, and empty
folders are now correctly displayed in M2Eclipse index tree. More
information on the bug fixes, is available at the Release Notes. The release can be downloaded
from the Download Nexus webpage.

Three More Java Champions Announced

Three new Java Champions have been announced: James
Strachan, Régina ten Bruggencate, and Clara Ko. James Strachan is a
committer to Apache Karaf, Maven, Lift and Jersey; and Régina ten
Bruggencate is president of Duchess, an organisation for women in
Java technology. Clara Ko is the co-founder of Duchess and
currently works as a freelance Java/J2EE professional. They join
Bonér and Rickard Öberg
, who were recently announced as Java
Champions at Jfocus 2011.

Maintenance Review for JSR 269

JSR 269 has been submitted for a maintenance review as a planned part of Java SE
7. This JSR provides a standardised API for processing JSR 175
annotations. As part of the maintenance review, changes already
implemented in the JSR 269 APIs in JDK 7 are being proposed for
inclusion in JSR 269. These changes include new methods, exception
types, and interfaces, and clarification of the interaction between
the Filer and rounds.

Orion Reach New Milestone

The Orion project has announced a new logo and a new milestone. In Orion 0.2 M6 the Orion pages have been
redesigned so the tasks are more clearly organised.

There is a new Sites page where users can create sites for
testing an app developed with Orion, and a new client side
preference API for storing settings. Users will also find a new
fileCommands extension point, where plugins can contribute commands
to the navigator, and an API that allows users to customise the
displayed size of tabs.

Orion have also unveiled their new logo, designed by Yiying Lu,
who created Twitter’s ‘Fail Whale’ graphic.

Sculptor 2.0 With Rest Support

The Sculptor productivity tool has reached version 2.0. Sculptor generates Java code and
configuration from a textual DSL, and users can choose the target
implementation. Sculptor 2.0 adds REST support, with Spring MVC as
the underlying REST framework, and adds support for mixin
composition. Xtext has been upgraded to 1.0, and Spring to 3.0, and
the logging API has been changed from Commons Logging with Log4j to
SLF4J with Logback.

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