New Releases for Go and Twist

ThoughtWorks Update Adaptive ALM Suite

Jessica Thornsby

ThoughtWorks Studios have announced Go 2.3 and Twist 2.3.

ThoughtWorks Studios have announced enhancements to its Adaptive ALM suite, which
includes updates to the Twist Agile testing solution and the Go
Agile release management tool. Twist 2.3 adds support for Selenium
2, including a rich recorder for the new Selenium 2 Webdriver API,
and adds a new Twist user interface, which allows administrators to
edit user-created properties, and should allow the user to more
easily update project properties. Twist 2.3 is already available,
and a free 30-day trial edition can be downloaded now.

Meanwhile, Go 2.3 performs automatic verification of every file
retrieved from its repository, and introduces a new pipeline
wizard, alongside functionality for cloning existing pipelines.
Jobs that have stopped responding now automatically time out, and
Go automatically manages space on the server. Go version 2.3 will
be available August 24th.

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