Eclipse Labs

Third Hosting Option for Eclipse Related Projects

Jessica Thornsby

Eclipse Foundation launch new Eclipse Foundation affiliated forge on Google Code.

Eclipse have announced a brand new Eclipse area on Google
Code: Eclipse Labs.

Originally proposed as an Eclipse Foundation
affiliated forge in December 2009 by Mike Milinkovich, the idea
attracted so much positive community feedback that Eclipse
approached the team running the Project Hosting at Google Code with
the idea, and they accepted.

Eclipse Labs takes the hosting options for Eclipse oriented open
source projects up to three. Eclipse projects can now be proposed
with the Eclipse Foundation, created at one of the existing forges,
such as SourceForge, Codehaus, or Google Code itself, or set up
shop in the Eclipse Labs.

The Labs gives users access to an issue tracking system, a
Subversion or Mercurial source code repository and a project web
site. All of the licenses available at Google Code, are open to
Eclipse Labs users, although the default is the EPL. Similarly,
Eclipse Labs projects are encouraged to use the org.eclipselabs
namespace, but it is not a requirement.

The project owners will be encouraged to create tags or labels
describing their project, which can be searched using the Eclipse
Labs API. According to the announcement, another API will soon
become available for bringing Eclipse Labs projects to the Eclipse

Please note that Eclipse Labs projects are not official Eclipse
projects, and therefore cannot use the org.eclipse namespace, be
included in the Release Train or Packages, or call themselves
Eclipse Projects.

“Our hope is that Eclipse Labs quickly grows to a larger number
of projects than are already hosted at the Eclipse Foundation. We
need to make it as easy as possible for someone to open source
their awesome Eclipse based technology,” said Mike Milinkovich.

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