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The First Release of Ruboto Ruby for Android and Gmail Gets Chatty With New Call Function

Jessica Thornsby

The Deltacloud Core project has moved to the Apache Incubator and fun4j framework reaches 0.9.1.

Get Your Hands on Ruboto Ruby for Android!

The first release of the Ruboto Ruby for Android gem, is now available.

Current functionality, includes writing Activities,
BroadcastReceivers, and Services in Ruby.

The creator warns: “I’ll be shocked if there aren’t bugs, and I
can almost guarantee you that 0.0.2 will not be backwards
compatible. So for now, treat this as something to play around
with, not something to write production apps with.”

The ultimate goal of Ruboto is to allow programmers to write a
Java Android app in Ruby, without using any Java code at all.
Planned for the 0.0.1 release, is improved error messages and
plugins for encapsulating common patterns and making scripts

Gmail Gets Chatty

Google have announced functionality for calling any phone right from
inside Gmail.

To access this service, select ‘Call Phone’ at the top of your
chat list, and dial a number or enter a contact’s name. If you have
a Google Voice phone number, this number will be displayed as the
outbound caller ID, and you can decide to receive calls made to
this number from inside Gmail. Google are rolling out this feature
to U.S. based Gmail users over the next few days.

Calls to the U.S. and Canada are currently free, and will remain
free for the rest of the year. Calls to other countries are

DeltaCloud Core Cloud Project Moves to Apache

The Deltacloud Core project has moved to the Apache Incubator.

The main motivation given for the move, is that some parties
have expressed interest in Deltacloud Core, but have also expressed
concerns about it developing as a Red Hat project. Moving
Deltacloud to the Incubator, seemed like the logical solution as
this is an acknowledged “ well-established place for parties with
different interests to collaborate on a specific code base.”

Deltacloud is a project that helps protect apps from cloud API
changes and incompatibilities, by providing a REST API and support
for major cloud service providers.

fun4j Brings Functional Programming to Java

Version 0.9.1 of fun4j is now available.

fun4j is a framework that attempts to bring functional
programming to the JVM. It integrates major concepts from
functional programming, into the Java platform. It consists of a
lambda-to-JVM bytecode compiler and a functional Java framework
featuring higher order functions, such as support for Collections
and Iterators. It also comes with a LISP Read-Eval-Print-Loop
(REPL) to interactively work with fun4j and offers integration of
Java with Lisp coding.

With fun4j, functions can be defined as anonymous classes, or
defined as lambda terms in classical LISP syntax.


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