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The final JAX Magazine of 2013 has arrived

Lucy Carey

The latest instalment of our free mag is freshly baked and ready to download. Fortified with M2M, Git, Cypher, NoSQL and JUG goodness.

Well 2013 went by fast didn’t it? And it’s certainly brought its
fair share of ups and downs for the world of Java.  

Community activity has been as vibrant as ever this year – and
we’re delighted to see the London Java Community (who you’ll be
hearing from later in this issue) back on the JCP.

With countless vocal, creative, and dedicated users around the
world supporting the platform, we’re excited to see what 2014 has
in store.

Cloud Foundry Developer Advocate Andy Piper certainly has a lot
to say about what we can expect to see in terms of IoT developments
this year – find out more in this month’s feature. Elsewhere, we’ve
got plenty to keep you amused over your winter holiday. Ben Straub
takes us inside Git’s cabinet of curiosities, and Peter Bell takes
us through the syntax of Cypher.

You can get your PDF issue hot off the press here

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