The Eclipse Cockpit?

Jessica Thornsby

Design & Reuse Enterprise Intranet Platform have posted an article describing IDEs as the “cockpit for the software engineer.”

In computer development, information tends to be scattered
across various files and programs, and detecting and rectifying
bugs in different parts of the system requires different tools,
which work independently of one another. All this tool-switching
and trying to remember what’s going on in different parts of the
system, can be a massive headache for the developer. According to
the article, this is where the IDE comes in. A good
IDE acts as the single access point for all that compilation,
debugging, navigation, and editing. Even better, these processes
are interactive within the IDE.

The article extends this analogy, citing autopilot-like IDE
features such as automated fixes of common mistakes.

Chris Aniszczyk has blogged about this article, giving the metaphor of
Eclipse as a cockpit his seal of approval, but pointing out that
the word ‘cockpit’ can imply complexity, and IDEs are there to make
developers’ lives easier. To him, the only complex thing about IDEs
is the initial learning curve – and the fact that his IDE doesn’t
have missiles.

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