Libre Office Productivity Suite Builds on

The Document Foundation Forks

Jessica Thornsby

The Document Foundation is launched, supported by members of the community and members of the Community Council.

A new independent foundation – “The Document Foundation” – has been launched,
led by members of the community, including project
leads and members of the Community Council.

The Foundation aims to evolve the community into a
new organisational structure, with an emphasis on openness and
independence. It will also coordinate the development of the Libre
Office productivity suite. Libre Office is free software – it can
be downloaded, used and distributed for free.

Contributor Sophie Gautier said of the project: “we believe that
the Foundation is a key step for the evolution of the free office
suite, as it liberates the development of the code and the
evolution of the project from the constraints represented by the
commercial interests of a single company.

A beta version is available now, for those who wish to
get a taster of the Libre Office experience. The Foundation are
currently encouraging the community to get involved in contributing
and testing the project.

The Document Foundation will initially be led by a Steering
committee of developers and national language project managers.
Charles Schulz, a member of the Community Council and lead of the
Native Language Confederation stated that the Document Foundation
supports the Open Document Format, and wishes to work at OASIS to
the next evolution of the ISO standard.

The Document Foundation’s announcement comes after a period of
uncertainty in the community. In August, Brian
Proffitt posted a blog asking whether it was time to put
together an OpenOffice foundation, in light of the revelations that
Oracle is discontinuing OpenSolaris, and suing Google over the
Android OS – in case a similarly dark fate was in store for


The Document Foundation are currently encouraging the community
to get involved in the project.

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