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Lukas Eder

Whilst we can offer a pretty hefty wedge of Java goodness, the vast and bottomless depths of the internet hold plenty more besides. Lukas Eder cuts the wheat from the chaff.

This post was originally published over at as part of a special series
focusing on all things Java 8, including how take advantage of
lambda expressions, extension methods, and other great
stuff. You’ll find the
source code on GitHub

We’re obviously not the only ones writing about Java 8. Ever
since this great language update’s go live, there had been blogs
all around the world appearing with great content and different
perspectives on the subject. In this edition of the Java 8 Friday series,
we’d like to summarise some of the best content that has been going
on on that subject.

1. Brian Goetz’s Answers on Stack Overflow

Goetz was the spec lead for JSR 335
. Together with his Expert
Group team, he has worked very hard to help Java 8 succeed.
However, now that JSR 335 has shipped, his work is far from being
over. Brian has had the courtesy of giving authoritative answers to
questions from the Java community on Stack
. Here are some of the most interesting questions:

Thumbs up to this great community effort. It cannot get any
better than hearing authoritative answers from the spec lead

2.’s Collection of Java 8 Resources

This list of resources wouldn’t be complete without the very
useful list of Java 8 resources (mostly authoritative links to
specifications) from the guys over at Here is:

3. The jOOQ Blog’s Java 8 Friday Series

Yay, that’s us! :-)

Yes, we’ve worked hard to bring you the latest from our
experience when integrating jOOQ with Java 8. Here are some of
our most popular articles from the recent months:

4. ZeroTurnaround’s RebelLabs Blog

As part of the ZeroTurnaround content
marketing strategy, ZeroTurnaround has launched RebelLabs quite a
while ago where various writers publish interesting articles around
the topic of Java, which aren’t necessarily related
to JRebel and
other ZT products. There is some great Java 8 related content
having been published over there. Here are our favourite gems:

5. The Takipi Blog

Just like ZeroTurnaround and ourselves, our friends over
at Takipi provide
you with some awesome Java 8 content on their blog.

6. Benji Weber’s Fun Experiments with Java 8

This blog series we found particularly fun to
read. Benji
 really thinks outside of the box and does some crazy
things with default methods, method references and all that. Things
that Java developers could only dream of, so far. Here are:

7. The Geeks from Paradise Blog’s Java 8 Musings

 from Informatech has been treating
us with a variety of well-founded comparisons between Java 8 and
.NET. This is particularly interesting when comparing Streams with
LINQ. Here are some of his best writings:

Is this list complete?

No, it is missing many other, very interesting blog series. Do
you have a series to share? We’re more than
happy to update this post, just let us know (in the comments

Lukas Eder
Lukas is a Java and SQL aficionado. He’s the founder and head of R&D at Data Geekery GmbH, the company behind jOOQ, the best way to write SQL in Java.
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