Celebrating hard work and innovation, the JCP Awards are announced at JavaOne

The 9th JCP Annual Award Winners Announced


In recognition of all the hard work put in by the vast community.

Once again the Java Community Process (JCP) has held its Annual
Awards at JavaOne, where the committee recognises the hard work and
excellence across the entire Java landscape. The winners have been

The three award winners for each category are (drum

JCP Member/Participant of the Year

Mike DeNicola: For his role as JCP.next
Working Group Lead. While not officially Spec Lead of JSR 348, Mike
has contributed a lot in getting the JCP reform plans where they
are at a great pace, compared to earlier efforts. Helping the JCP
to be fit for the next decades of Java following the Oracle-Sun

Other nominees: 



London Java Community

Doug Lea

Outstanding Spec Lead

John Rose:  (JSR 292 Supporting
Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform). Due to his
excellence in ensuring consensus across the community — both EG
members and the wider JVM language community.

Other nominees: 

Alex Buckley

Mark Reinhold

Most Innovative JSR


JSR 292: Supporting Dynamically Typed
Languages on the Java Platform. As the first JSR specifically
designed to support languages other than Java, JSR 292 will ensure
the long-term success of the Java VM.

Other nominees

JSR 321: Trusted Computing API for Java.
Beside a picture book example for Agile and Transparent Expert
Group work, JSR 321 also anticipated another vision of JCP.next, by
being the first JSR with a known implementation in language other
than Java, called Hybrid JSR by JCP.next (Part 2 and beyond) Apart
from all that, Trusted Java holds the key to a safer more reliable
and trusted usage of PaaS/Cloud or other Pervasive Technologies
like Social Networking and Mobile.

JSR 334: Small Enhancements to the Java
Programming Language (Project Coin). Due to the process it was run
under and the requirement of participants to ‘put some skin in the

Winner of the Outstanding Spec lead, John Rose, had these words
to say about winning his category:

This evening in San Francisco I was deeply touched to be
recognized at the 9th Annual Awards Nominations of the
Java Community Process. On behalf of the JSR 292 Expert Group, I
accepted an award for Most Innovative JSR, and another for leading
the Expert Group.

These honours arise from a huge amount of teamwork. Together we
introduced fundamentally new instructions and data types into the
Java Virtual Machine, an undertaking that was both ambitious and
complex. Carrying out this work required the dedicated efforts of
the JSR 292 Expert Group members, our fellow engineers, corporate
sponsors, and the Da Vinci Machine community. It has been and
continues to be a pleasure to work alongside such excellent
colleagues. Thank you all!

Let’s continue to invest in Java standards, building out great
computing platforms to run our future on.

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