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Test tool Rapise enters 1.5 version – enables Silverlight and Java SWT testing

Chris Mayer

The automated cross-browser test tool gets a much-needed update to include more environments

The worlds of Java and browser testing are certainly merging
together ever more frequently. One such tool to help ease the woes
of testing across multiple environments is Rapise, which has
recently had an overhaul to add in new functionalities.

The automated functional and cross-browser test tool Rapise 1.5
has a ton of new features added to its arsenal, notably the
inclusion of support for applications written for Silverlight
and Java SWT. There’s also e
nhanced support for WPF
applications (Windows Presentation Framework using the new
UIAutomation library) and for testing .NET 4.0 applications. A new
spy chooser allows for greater inspection of MSAA, UIAutomation,
Managed (.NET) and Java applications too.

In terms of bonuses, a regular expression option has been added
to Rapise IDE’s FindReplace function and cross-browser support for
Embedded Java web applications in IE, Chrome and Firefox. It’s
possible to record or create one test script in JavaScript (slight
problem for some granted) and execute that across the board across
the major browsers.

Rapise certainly has all corners covered when it comes to
support, now backing the following: Java, Google Web Toolkit,
Yahoo User Interface, Web applications including AJAX, Windows
Forms including Infragistics, DevExpress, Telerik, Adobe Flash/Flex
including AIR, Microsoft .NET, Silverlight, Win32 applications and
WPF. With all these options, a rigourous testing phase (all in the
same place) can begin, and it might just give it the edge against
competitors by offering so much. Check it out here.

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