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Talend eyes up Big Data and NoSQL advances in Open Studio 5.2

Eclipse Strategic Developer Member and JCP member Talend yesterday unveiled the latest version of their data integration hub Open Studio, honing in on helping enterprises understand their data woes.

Like so many other vendors at the moment, Talend appear keen on keeping their software solution open to as many avenues as possible. Talend Open Studio 5.2 bolsters the offering somewhat with new capabilities such as Hadoop data profiling and support to a plethora of popular NoSQL databases.

One common complaint in the world of Big Data is the inability to obtain value from amassed data. Storage isn’t really the problem but working out what to do next definitely is. Talend even go further saying “data quality issues are endemic in most organizations.”

“Data profiling is also an emerging, but critical, big data best practice. Without the ability to assess big data and its relevance to their needs, organizations are likely to accumulate data that is at best irrelevant or at worst detrimental to their use of Hadoop and other big data platforms,” they say in a press release.

To solve that, they’ve brought in Hadoop data profiling allowing users to get out of “neutral” to analyse data in Hive databases on Hadoop, scale up to additional servers for volume and crucially, produce custom graphical reports of this information.

Elsewhere, a number of NoSQL database connectors have been ushered into the fold for Open Studio 5.2. Connectors for MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase have arrived for Talend Platform for Big Data and Talend Open Studio for Big Data. There’s also native connectors for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), HCatalog, Hive, Oozie, Pig and Sqoop.

“Talend version 5.2 delivers on our vision of simplifying the development, integration and management of big data so that businesses can focus on using that data to make faster and more informed decisions,” said Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and chief technical officer at Talend.

“We provide the most powerful and versatile open source, big data solution to help organizations load, extract and improve disparate data while leveraging the massively parallel processing power of big data technologies including Apache Hadoop and leading NoSQL databases.”

Talend’s collection of 5.2 commercial products are set to arrive before the end of 2012, but you can grab the community version right now.

Chris Mayer

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