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Startup of the week: Piktochart

Elliot Bentley

This week’s pick is a Malaysian web service for creating infographics and a graduate of the Chinaccelerator program.

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At least here in the UK, it can often be easy to think of the
startup scene as existing solely within Europe and the US. But
there are thousands of innovative tech startups across the globe,
for example Malaysian company Piktochart, which graduated from
Chinaccelerator in
2012 and recently launched a fully
HTML5-based visual editor

What’s your elevator pitch?

Piktochart is a web application for non-designers to make
information beautiful by easily creating infographics.

When was the company founded and where are you

March 2012 in Malaysia.

How many staff, and what do they do?

We have 3 developers, 2 designers and 2 customer delight personnel
and 1 marketing person.

What technologies are you working with (client and server

Javascript/HTML5 on the front end. Ruby on Rails on the back

What technical difficulties did you overcome to get to

Creating search friendly infographics was definitely a hurdle.
Internet Explorer also does not support interactive features as
well as HTML5 so that was quite a challenge. This feature also set
us back by quite a number of months.

What difficulties have you found scaling up (people and

Finding talent is difficult all over the world. We have had to get
a mix of fresh graduates who showed a promising growth trajectory
as well as experienced hires. We are currently hosted on AWS and
that has helped us to scale very quickly and without too much of a

What are the company’s plans for the future?

To keep improving on the interactive features that we have.

What are your three top tips for wannabe

Stay hungry, be humble enough to listen to/act on feedback and give
thanks daily :)

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