Automated RCP Testing

Squish Now Supports Eclipse Helios!

Jessica Thornsby

Cross-platform functional GUI and regression testing tool adds support for apps based on Eclipse 3.6.

froglogic have announced that Squish now supports automated
testing of Java Rich Client Platform apps based on the new Eclipse
3.6 ‘Helios’ release.

Squish for Java is a cross-platform functional GUI and
regression testing tool for creating and executing automated GUI
tests for Java SWT/RCP and AWT/Swing apps. Squish also provides
interfaces and add-ons, integration with a variety of test
management tools, a IDE for creating and debugging tests, and a set
of command line tools.

“As Solution Member of the Eclipse Foundation we are fully
committed to the future of the Eclipse platform. Supporting the
test automation of applications built on the latest Eclipse release
3.6, as well as older versions, is therefore of high importance to
us and our customers,” said Harri Porten, froglogic’s platform

There are two kinds of licenses for Squish: Tester License and Runner
License. More information is available at the froglogic website.
The current release is Squish 4.0.1.

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